Set of 4 Dinner Plates

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Australia's original 100% plant based dinnerware. Free from all harmful plastics!

The EcoCubs Original Dinner Plate Set includes:

  • Four 25cm plates

Please know that due to the production process and nature of plant-based products, every single EcoCubs dinnerware product is truly one of a kind! Slight variations in material and printing will be present as we are not using synthetic materials. Although your products will be incredibly similar, no two products will be exactly the same & we think that's pretty special!

 Our dinnerware is dishwasher-safe!

♡ Wash before first use.

♡ Sometimes our products appear to have a dust-like coating when first out of their packaging. This is a non-harmful plant residue from the manufacturing process and will wash off.


♡ Our EcoCubs Original dinnerware products are safe to be used for short bursts in the microwave.

However, as they are made of the same ingredients as your food (both plant-based!) they can become hot in the same way! So always exercise caution- protective wear & no longer than 1 minute microwave time MAX recommended.


We personally use this dinnerware on a daily basis at EcoCubs HQ with our own two (rather rough!) little bears. We are confident in the durability of the products for every day use with children or when outdoors.

​Having said that, we cannot guarantee that our products are as tough as those made of pure plastic or melamine. Unfortunately, we cannot promise that they will not be broken if subjected to a tantrum or drop!

​So please do treat them with a little more TLC than you would those products that are made from synthetic materials.